Patience, persistance and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Road Map for the future

Company believes that retail organised pharmacy business is going to remain a largely vernacular business in near future because fundamentally operations will organise but socio-cultural factors remain same. So, In every region or state, strong pharmacy retail chain will emerge.

So, Wellness Forever has chosen a path of growth in next 3-4 years, majorly in western region and metro cities of India.

In order to facilitate large scale expansion, now it had become essential for the company to thrash out issues of Supply Chain Management, local inefficiencies of vendors, problems related to local procurement and availability of genuine medicines.

Magical Advantage

It did not took too much of thinking to understand that company desperately needed a Central Ware House and that could solve the problems mentioned above. However as the journey was taken company realises advantages of bringing facilities such as shop level efficiency, availability of genuine medicines, reduction of cost, reduction on manpower, control on retail operations, Transparency on data and reports and most importantly overall command on business.

It was an essential game changer and a great enabler for franchisee business and therefore the company was completely focused to start a state of art, fully computerised distribution centre.

Thus company has opened ZEDC (Zero Error Distribution Centre) with ground clearance size of 56,000 Sq. Ft. and overall development size of 90,000 Sq. Ft.  at  Bhiwandi, Thane.

The distribution centre act as an infrastructural and supply chain backbone of the organisation with international accreditation and is an industry Showcase.

The company plans to open more COCO (Company owned, Company operated) outlets as well as start franchising from Oct, 2015.

Salient Features

Healthcare business is an essential need and neutral of market fluctuation such as bull-run or bear-run.

  • Organised health care player such as medical insurance, TPAs are seriously looking out for dependable health care partners for continuous growth and development.
  • Large range of preventive and Aspirational Wellness Products.

So, in this context, the large numbers of MNCs are waiting to launch their products in deep & developing retail market of India especially with organised Retail Pharmacy players wherein “Wellness Forever” is an aspirational and potential platform for such category of products which aspires and inspires general health and wellbeing in community.